Why Big Data & Content Marketing Are A Match Made In Heaven


Big data used to be viewed as something far removed from content marketing. Marketers are now able to tie content creation efforts to big data. Big data gives companies unprecedented access to the motivations, behaviors and preferences of a consumer base. Indeed big data and content marketing are inextricably linked. Brands can take their content marketing efforts to new heights with big data.

Where should the dollars go?

Big data can tell a business where to invest in advertisement dollars. If a company wants to know how many people are being introduced to a brand through social media efforts, then the right data will be able to indicate which efforts are most effective in drawing in visitors. Maybe a social media campaign can be tweaked to improve the conversion rate or perhaps the campaign is performing precisely the way it was intended to perform. Companies can decide what publications would be most beneficial in promoting their content on a product by analyzing the performance of the publication.

Are the companies engaging in the right conversations?

Big data helps companies better engage their customers. If it is beneficial for a brand to weigh in on a particular conversation, the right data will be able to guide the engagement approach. Various data metrics tools evaluate the popularity of a topic and can even be used to identify the best times to create, release and produce updates on a given subject.

How can a business keep its customers informed?

Many companies rely on big data to engage customers in times of crises. A business provides updates to customers about the availability of a product or service and in doing so, can drive sales with potential offers and discounts. The timed release of information about a product and its availability even makes for a wonderful opportunity to market to a specific geographic region.

How can big data support customer retention efforts?

Customers who arrive at a site do so for some reason. Their behaviors on that site tell a story about the customer and can give insight to the user experience. Big data gives insight into what causes a person to remain on a site and can even provide clues for what types of content is most effective in motivating a customer to take action. The data collected in the form of a survey can provide suggestions for improvements to sites or indicate what type of content customers are most interested in viewing.

Big data and content marketing are truly a match made in heaven. Companies can learn to tie their advertising dollars to developing campaigns that drive conversions through social media and cross-promotional activities. Companies can tie their engagement efforts to the right conversations that interest their customers at the right intervals. Customers can be informed immediately of availability, sales and geo-specific promotions available in their respective regions. Companies can invest in the type of content their audience is most interested in and can even pinpoint what action drove them to visit a site or make a purchase. The opportunities for tying content marketing efforts to big data are endless.

About the author:

John Bohan is a blogger for Lotame. He enjoys blogging about big data can affect different industries like healthcare and marketing.


Image credit:  artnoose

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