Twitter Tip Series: Make Your First Impression Count


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From the receptionist answering your phones to those greeting your potential customers when they walk through your doors, the first impression often determines whether you secure a new customer, or not.

It’s no different on Twitter

When people connect with you, you need to treat it as if a potential customer just walked through your doors.

I doesn’t mean to get in their face and start sell them something.

It is, however, an opportune time to cheerfully great somebody with a big smile and let them know they know you’re happy to see them.

Did you know people get a vibe from the way you interact with them onĀ  Twitter?

I know I do – that’s why I recommend that you reach out personally to each and every person who took the time to connect with you let them know you appreciate it.

That shouldn’t be done with an auto-tweet – at least not alone. Reach out to them by name and if they don’t respond, in most cases, they’re probably not real people.

There’s no benefit to filling your stream with a bunch of unmanned auto-bots.

Instead, keep your stream full of active real people who are being productive and have indicated to you personally that their door is always open to you anytime.

A reciprocal follow is a good indication of this. Why would you continue to follow anyone who basically shut the door in your face?

Let them know what your expertise is and that if they need help or advice on this, they need not hesitate to ask you.

This mindset and approach in building your Twitter community will lead to people who you can help, learn from and even profit from much faster than any other method.

Be helpful. Be kind. Be approachable. Make your first impression count!

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