Three Personal Development Mistakes and How To Fix Them


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I have spent the better part of the last 20 years in and around the personal development niche. It’s so weird to call it a niche when the self help/personal development market was worth a whopping 9.6 billion dollars (just in the United States) back in 2005.

Whatever we call it, personal development is something that most of us have encountered at one point or another.

I have loved the lessons learned from reading, listening to and viewing all forms of personal development resources from various organizations, masterminds and individuals. Some of my best days have been spent teaching, training and coaching others to live life at it’s best.

From this experience, here are some mistakes I have seen over and over again. Yep – got some solutions as well.

Three Personal Development Mistakes and How To Fix Them

1. I can go it alone.

I have seen way too many people jump into personal development and think they are an island. Somehow they buy into the notion that personal development is, well personal.

Here I’m not talking about the person who simply wants to amlify and already decent life. That person that needs a tweak here or there to enhance the good road they are already traveling.

The person I am targeting here is the one who dives into PD with a host of issues both past and present. Deep seated issues that are tearing at their very being and causing them great distress.

For this person to think that they can pick up a self help book, CD or DVD and lead themself out of the abyss, is scary at best, harmful at worst.

Do I think you need to check yourself into the closest Psyc Unit, maybe not (remember, I’m no doctor). What needs to be stressed here is that if you are truly suffering, you are not alone. There are a host of choices out there for you to get a guide, a helper, a coach or a counselor to walk through your development with you.

Personal development does not have to be a “personal” journey.

2. Look, there is a new shiny button, I want it!

Just like in the tech market that puts out a new shiny thing every other second, the PD market spills out a steady stream of the “next best thing.” It is so easy to be awestruck by the newest book, seminar, conference or company.

If you were new to the area in which you live and you came down with a bad cold, would you ask yourself: Hey, I wonder who is the newest doctor in the area who is straight out of med school?

Or would you ask around to trusted family and friends? Would you seek out advice about the best doctor or urgent care?

Would you test it or just jump into it?

Yeah, the same with personal development “gurus”.

Have they been around the block a few times? Have you heard their name before? Can you get a recommendation from a trust agent?

I’m not saying that you need to spend a load of cash on a Tony Robbins experience just because you have heard of him – what I am saying is don’t jump at the loudest beep or the prettiest face.

Got me?

3. I need to read just ONE MORE BOOK and then I’ll get started living a better life.

I call this the “action of inaction”. Yep – sitting around and reading and re reading and reading again is an action – it isn’t a good one, but it’s an action.

Just like “wannabe” Internet Marketers think they need just one more shiny program or ebook before they get off their ass and do something, so is true of personal developers.

You can read (and listen and watch) until you are all kinds of blue in the face, but if you never get up, get out and act on what you have learned – you will never experience the change you have worked so hard to achieve.

Personal development is all about living out the change. It’s about experiencing life AS you are seeking to make it better for yourself and others.

Get to it!

Thoughts? What other mistakes have you seen yourself or others make in regards to Personal Development? What has been your best plan of action?

Let’s hear it below!

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frank dickinsonFrank Dickinson wants to be intimately involved in creating conversations about the subjects that interest him the most; Internet and Affiliate Marketing, Social Media and Personal Development. On his blog, Creating Conversations, you will find tutorials, screencasts, reviews, blog posts, videos and whatever else he can get his hands on to teach, enlighten and inspire. Connect with him on Twitter at @FrankDickinson.

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