The REALity of Social Business


The reality of social business
Photo credit: Michael Holden

I keep hearing guru’s differentiate offline relationships (real) from online relationships (virtual) and in my opinion, its wrong.

Here’s the smart tip of the day; don’t treat them differently!

To me they are one in the same.

I’m a business guy. Business makes my world go around.

Business is getting done in your community every day; just the exact same way social business gets done – everyday.

The fact is;

  • they’re both managed by real people,
  • real communication is taking place between buyers and sellers,
  • real people with real feelings are being moved to do real things,
  • real relationships are forming as a result,
  • both are making a real difference in real communities they serve,
  • heck, real people and real businesses are getting married and tying knots as a result of social media!
  • Your “real world” is where you invest your mind, will and emotions

    This is as real as life will ever get for you, me or anyone else who resides above ground.

    These are the very things that are growing and expanding in you every day that really matter… The rest is just flesh.

    Any activity that influences these three things in you – ARE REAL and shaping your future.

    I think I just identified in my own little mind why it is so many people do not tap into the magic of the social web.

  • They do not believe it is real
  • It’s secondary
  • It’s a waste of real time
  • They could take it or leave it
  • They could easily go on if it were taken away
  • Ask yourself this one question; if your “real world” friends thought of you in this manner, do you think you could sense it?

    Let me help you; absolutely!

    Do you really believe folks you meet online who are genuinely investing themselves in this activity can’t sense the same thing?

    Let me help again; they absolutely can!

    The magic of your life online or off occurs through developing strong relationships with people you value.

    Don’t for one second believe these Yahoo’s who are saying anything to the contrary.

    It’s the difference between a life-changing experience and doing meaningful work, or dying on the vine being swallowed whole by the shallowness of life.

    Do you see your online friends differently from those offline?

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    Category : Blog &Social Media

    • Bill Dorman

      Call me out if I’m wrong, but social opened a great big door for the ‘introvert’ or socially ‘shy’ world; it gave them a voice without having to have too much IRL social interaction. This is where we get the dividing line that it might be two different worlds.

      I know it’s real for me and it’s essentially one and the same.

      The sooner you buy into that concept, the better your potential for success in my humble opinion.

      • Mark Harai

        Yes, but they still only talk/chat among themselves :o

        Personality oozes through writing.

        I’m attracted to outgoing, passionate, strong, confident professionals who bring their best game to the work they do on the social web.

        Introvert and social shy doesn’t typically stand out online… It just allows those folks to bring their pecking world into the real world :o

        “Smack!” See how far that golf ball went? hehe!

        • Bill Dorman

          Straight down the middle……:)

    • Stan Faryna

      You and Bill said it. When we accept the responsibility for what we do online, the opportunities, rewards, and adventure will begin to unlock.

      Recently on my blog:
      The Corsair: Whovian-Zombie Fan Fiction, American-Gangnam style

      • Mark Harai

        Hi Stan, thanks for weighing in here, sir… Some of the titles and things you write about are beyond my thinking and understanding – you techie types are hard to follow sometimes.

        However, I have read many of your articles that have touched me at the core. I have felt big doses of ‘Stan’ and it’s deep and substantial.

        I hope we can continue on this awesome adventure together and build on it, sir!

        Happy Sunday : )

        • Stan Faryna

          Techno-bohemians can be hard to follow, indeed. [laughing] But I thank you for the generous and kind compliment, Mark.

          As I have been saying, on and off, for a long, long time – Connection, collaboration and community is where value is at. And if you agree (I know you do), online social platforms can be powerful force multipliers.

          That’s why I’m excited for you and your bloggerbeat venture. Your endeavor to create considerable, mutual opportunity and I hope that the investment and contribution of this community will come together into a killer app that generates lots of wow.

          • Mark Harai

            I hope you’ll consider joining the venture, Stan…

            As I mentioned, this ‘app’ is about the people… They will determine how far and high we can take this community.

            It would be an honor to have you part of it, sir – and I would value any ideas or input you may have. I trust you.

            Enjoy your Sunday : )

    • Life, for instance

      Oh yeah, it’s real Mark! It’s a little scary how real it is! And fun but that’s another story!

      • Mark Harai

        That is awesome, Lori : )

        Your statement could only come as a result of fully investing the best part of yourself in social and having been changed because of it.

        Meaningful experiences in life change who we are at the core and every one of those experiences was preceded by conversations we had with people we value.

        There’s a lot of growth happening all around us and that is the great thing about connecting with others on the social web.

        Thank you for stopping by today, miss : )

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