Only the Strong Survive and Succeed in Life and Business


Only the Strong Survive and Succeed in Life and Business image
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Physical strength will only get you so far in life and business

Success comes to those who are stretched in every other area of their life and are resilient enough to endure it and bounce back better then they were before.

To be physically fit and in shape will help, but it takes strength in the following areas of your life to not only survive but to succeed.

Mental Toughness

The greatest breakthroughs in your life come through trials, tribulations, struggles and overcoming adversity, while maintaining a positive attitude.

The current state of world affairs is ripping many people out of their comfort zone. That’s a good and bad thing.

Some will rise to the occasion, however, many will not be able to endure the loss and negative effects it’s having on their life.

There will be a history of suffering and of loss for many through these tough times, as well as great personal accomplishments and contributions by those who help lift the world from the ashes.

You need to decide which part of history you want to be part of.

Strong Belief

You need to believe in yourself and what your mission is, because others will always let you down when you need them the most.

We all have the same opportunities in this life; but few have what it takes on the inside to pursue and give birth to their dreams.

You need to live the words that will be written about your life – even if it’s just those that will be written on your gravestone.

It’s the actions and life you’re living now that will determine what’s written.

Unbreakable Vision

You need to know what your mission is in life and pursue it with every breath you take.

Knowing your purpose and what you were born to do in this life is the only thing that can provide the power to get it done.

Vision always comes from within – you need to understand the power to get it done is in there too!

Strong Spiritual Connection

To remain strong in times of adversity, you need to go beyond yourself and tap into the deep sense of connection you’ve developed with the universe.

This often involves prayer, meditation and standing on principles that sustain you beyond family, friends and societal sources.

Victory only comes to those who stand and fight and some fights require super-natural assistance.

Strong Values

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. It’s a strong moral fiber that provides good character, good conscience and a foundation of honesty in your dealings.

You must be guided by your inner voice and not be manipulated by the opinions of others or your current circumstances.

Successful lives are result of the choices you make, not by chance.

Emotional Strength

Human beings are amazingly strong creations. You don’t know just how strong you are until you’ve gone through a few fires.

It takes caring, assertive people to stabilize and lead others through the flames.

The fires of life are made to strengthen you; but the weak sometimes get caught in the flames of life and get burnt to a crisp.

Don’t be one of these.

Strong Will

Everyday we’re experiencing life and death all around us; shun death and hold on to life.

Everyone of us has the ability stand the pressures of life, but not everyone has the will to overcome them.

It takes a determined, bent, constant, tenacious, unwavering, unflinching, will to overcome and succeed in life and business.

Throughout my life I’ve experienced many successes and the agony of defeat. These experiences have shaped who I’ve become today. It is my hope to inspire the fight, the good, the strength that it’s in each one of us to live our dreams and contribute positive things to the world. I would love to hear your about your experience, feedback and suggestions on what it takes to live a productive and fruitful life. Please share in the comments below, thank you :)

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Category : Blog &Business &Inspiration

  • Jayme Soulati

    When I take your tips list in total, you’re really talking about leading from the heart…the inside will take you forward; that incredible mojo and inspired creativity that lends to leadership and perseverance. Spot on.

    • Mark Harai

      Hi Jayme!

      Well it depends on the individual I think… Some folks have good hearts and some have bad ones.

      Two extreme examples of the two would be;

      The Dalai Lama – he seems to have a pretty good heart. Just read and observe the words he speaks and the many million he’s enlightened.

      On the flip side – Adolph Hitler. He left behind millions of reason his heart was in the wrong place.

      Both of these people were/ are leaders, but they lead from a completely different place.

      Both had power, influence and success in life, but one failed miserably – himself and mankind. The other has prospered with both.

      Money is not a good measurement of success. I’ve seen money turn people into monsters.

      It’s good to have both,but it needs to be on a good foundation to prosper and some of the things I mentioned above are what to focus and build on.

      Happy Monday to you, miss!

  • Bill Dorman

    And it has to come from within; it doesn’t hurt to have the ‘right’ support group, but ultimately it’s all you….even when you have been knocked to your knees.

    Look out the window; life is still going by. Do you think most of those people give two hoots whether you are ‘making it’ or not?

    It will only be because of me………

    • Mark Harai

      Thank goodness somebody is here to save the day!

      You’re so right, the right people can help, but ultimately we are responsible for the kind of life and legacy we build and leave behind.

      I am happy to see the Dorman hasn’t passed – gas or otherwise!

      Cheers, Bill!

  • Hajra

    You will survive only if you are strong enough! That is what life is all about. Once you accept defeat and think there is nothing more you can do, there really be nothing more you could do about…. well, yourself in general!

    • Mark Harai

      The key is to never, ever accept defeat.

      Fight on, Hajra!

  • Josh

    Hi Mark,

    I am a sucker for quotes and movies. There is that one from Rocky VI about nothing hitting harder than life and it is true. Life happens and what comes afterwards is entirely up to us.

    • Mark Harai

      Ya know you look like a fighter, right Josh :P

      I wouldn’t want to run into you in a dark alley; that might hurt :o

      When you have a vision, a purpose bigger than yourself, be prepared, because the fight will come…

      If you stay in the fight and work your butt off, breakthrough always comes. It all depends on how bad you want it and how committed you are to your vision.

      You can’t be denied anything in life if you stay in the fight until the victory is yours. You have to swing hard enough and connect enough times to put a dent in universe to force it to give you want you want.

      The fact is most folks don’t have the fight in them that’s required to win the game they want to play.

      If I was a betting man, my money would certainly be on you.

      I bet we could kick some a_s together in that dark alley!

      Cheers, bro!

      • Josh

        It would be bad news to run into us in that alley. I’d say it would be more painful now than if they had found us in our twenties.

        • Mark Harai

          Funny, I left this exact comment over on Dino’s blog today:

          “Side Kick to Jaw, Roundhouse to Temple, Knee Drop to Heart, Stomp to Heart, Stomp to Throat… That ought to do it!”


  • Jens P. Berget

    I agree with you Mark. Working as a solo entrepreneur is hard, and if I didn’t have a strong belief in success and a strong will, I would never make it.

    I am sure the same applies to life as well, but in life I just smile and eat pizza and that seems to be working :)

    • Mark Harai

      I love your answer to life and business, Jens!

      You’re too cool : )

  • Ralph Dopping

    Hey Mark, the comments here sum up my feelings about this post succinctly. That may seem that I don’t have an original thought about this topic but no so and I am glad I read the stream before commenting.

    Great topic. Great tips.

    It is really up to the individual isn’t it? Thanks @twitter-34985693:disqus
    Doing it with heart and soul. Thanks @twitter-22830278:disqus
    Smile and eat a lot of pizza. Thanks @berget:disqus
    Only the strong survive. Right on @hajrak:disqus
    Nothing hits harder than life. Makes perfect sense @TheJoshuaWilner:disqus

    Thanks ladies and gents for you valued insights on this topic.

    • Mark Harai

      This is an epic reply, Ralph – I’m very happy you included lots of smiles and pizza!

      It’s great to see you, have yourself a great day, sir!

  • Craig McBreen

    Hi Mark,

    You have to have a tenacious, unwavering, unflinching attitude to sort through all this craziness. In life and in business we are bombarded with so much, and we all know sometimes it’s tough just to get through the day. I’m always trying to change that perspective.

    I love what you’ve written about values, ’cause you need a strong foundation. And if you have some sort of mission, that makes life worth living. You don’t have to be Mother Teresa, just doing your little part is what it’s all about.

    Oh … and you need to chill out and not be so consumed with it all too ;) So I’ll go make some pizza with Jens.

    • Mark Harai

      I love the way you think!

      And the pizza suggestion, Yum! – I’m sure Jens will be up for it :P

      A mission worth living is what it’s all about, indeed!

      Thanks stopping by and weighing in here, Craig- I appreciate it, sir : )

      • Jens-Petter Berget

        Perfect. I have been eating pizza on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday :)

        • Mark Harai

          Most normal folk who pizza that much get fat!

          You must have an active metabolism;.. Jealous!

          • Jens P. Berget

            Maybe I am fat :)

            Den 17. okt. 2012 kl. 20:45 skrev “Disqus” :

  • Jeevan Jacob John

    I do agree, Mark. But, all of this requires tremendous effort on our part ;)

    Especially with things like emotional strength (it is easy to lose our strength – especially when something bad happens to us or our loved ones). Of course, we should care, but at the same time, be able to manage our emotions.

    Strength in character? I believe that no one can have that much of mental toughness or strength in character. All of us are “breakable”. But what matters is that we strive forward (even if we fall apart) :D

    • Mark Harai

      With age comes wisdom… And the ability to make better decisions in life based on understanding the repercussions of making stupid ones.

      And on the effort part, very few people in the world have what it takes to live their dreams/ vision or make significant contributions to the world.

      It’s not easy, otherwise a whole lot more people would be putting a dent in the universe.

      Cheers, Jeevan!

  • Tim Bonner

    At the moment Mark, it’s family that drives me forward and not business.

    I was putting quite a lot of pressure on myself to get blog posts written and get myself out there, when really for me the focus should be on my family. I do want to do all of that in the future but not at the expense of what I’m really here to do! It’s not that I’m not driven; quite the opposite but I just need to keep focused primarily on getting the family thing right first.

    I agree wholeheartedly with most things that you list. The one I can’t make any headway with is having a strong spiritual connection. I don’t have any religious beliefs so whilst meditation I could try, certainly beyond that I would leave well alone.

    • Mark Harai

      Tim, it sounds like you have your priorities in order. It’s great that you have the opportunity to spend this time hangin’ with the kids. Awesomeness!

      All good things in due time my friend : )


  • Stan Faryna

    Throughout this post, I read an emphasis on the dignity and potential of the human person – not the selfish and fickle pursuit of easy, convenient, turnkey answers to the most amazing questions of our lives.

    Walk in beauty, my friend.

    Recently on my blog:
    Princes of the Universe

    • Mark Harai

      Love this reply, Stan – you do have a way with words!

      And I’m going to have “Princes of the Universe in my head all day : )

      Good words to think upon…

      Cheers my friend, hope you have an awesome weekend, sir!

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