Only the Strong Survive and Succeed in Life and Business


Only the Strong Survive and Succeed in Life and Business image
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Physical strength will only get you so far in life and business

Success comes to those who are stretched in every other area of their life and are resilient enough to endure it and bounce back better then they were before.

To be physically fit and in shape will help, but it takes strength in the following areas of your life to not only survive but to succeed.

Mental Toughness

The greatest breakthroughs in your life come through trials, tribulations, struggles and overcoming adversity, while maintaining a positive attitude.

The current state of world affairs is ripping many people out of their comfort zone. That’s a good and bad thing.

Some will rise to the occasion, however, many will not be able to endure the loss and negative effects it’s having on their life.

There will be a history of suffering and of loss for many through these tough times, as well as great personal accomplishments and contributions by those who help lift the world from the ashes.

You need to decide which part of history you want to be part of.

Strong Belief

You need to believe in yourself and what your mission is, because others will always let you down when you need them the most.

We all have the same opportunities in this life; but few have what it takes on the inside to pursue and give birth to their dreams.

You need to live the words that will be written about your life – even if it’s just those that will be written on your gravestone.

It’s the actions and life you’re living now that will determine what’s written.

Unbreakable Vision

You need to know what your mission is in life and pursue it with every breath you take.

Knowing your purpose and what you were born to do in this life is the only thing that can provide the power to get it done.

Vision always comes from within – you need to understand the power to get it done is in there too!

Strong Spiritual Connection

To remain strong in times of adversity, you need to go beyond yourself and tap into the deep sense of connection you’ve developed with the universe.

This often involves prayer, meditation and standing on principles that sustain you beyond family, friends and societal sources.

Victory only comes to those who stand and fight and some fights require super-natural assistance.

Strong Values

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. It’s a strong moral fiber that provides good character, good conscience and a foundation of honesty in your dealings.

You must be guided by your inner voice and not be manipulated by the opinions of others or your current circumstances.

Successful lives are result of the choices you make, not by chance.

Emotional Strength

Human beings are amazingly strong creations. You don’t know just how strong you are until you’ve gone through a few fires.

It takes caring, assertive people to stabilize and lead others through the flames.

The fires of life are made to strengthen you; but the weak sometimes get caught in the flames of life and get burnt to a crisp.

Don’t be one of these.

Strong Will

Everyday we’re experiencing life and death all around us; shun death and hold on to life.

Everyone of us has the ability stand the pressures of life, but not everyone has the will to overcome them.

It takes a determined, bent, constant, tenacious, unwavering, unflinching, will to overcome and succeed in life and business.

Throughout my life I’ve experienced many successes and the agony of defeat. These experiences have shaped who I’ve become today. It is my hope to inspire the fight, the good, the strength that it’s in each one of us to live our dreams and contribute positive things to the world. I would love to hear your about your experience, feedback and suggestions on what it takes to live a productive and fruitful life. Please share in the comments below, thank you :)

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