Making A Great CEO With Effective Networking

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Image of a CEO.

The company is formally represented by the CEO. The Chief Executive Officer is often supposed to be at the helm of affairs of the organization and is someone whom the world expects to make the company sail through the toughest times. No wonder CEOs are often found to be getting the most lavish salaries in the world. CEOs are normally people that have a distinguished growth trajectory, normally because of an eclectic mix of qualities that give them a sound sense of their business.

A fact that is common among most successful CEOs is that they all agree that it is not possible for one to be successful by their own means. That is, they do need contacts and business relations to be able to benefit from their extensions in the business world. It is not uncommon to see these officers often trying to forge relationships with various resource persons of their industry, some of which may last for many years to come.

They are very well aware of the fact that with the right contacts and with the right kind of approach towards networking, they might be able to salvage their organization in difficult times. Thus, networking augments the problem solving skills of CEOs. By knowing the inside information, various other developments and about many such informal information, they know the right person to call in case of a sticky situation.

Most CEOs are aware about the fact that networking involves the building up of relationships, thus they offer before extracting a favour. They fully understand the advantage they can have in a tricky situation, if they are able to exert any influence over the outcome via their contacts.

A person looking to learn networking like successful CEOs should concentrate on building quality contacts that are likely to bail them out in times of need, rather than concentrating on the quantity of contacts they make. Despite the fact that these few contacts may not be attending any networking events, they have considerable influence in the business community via the professional group that they hang out with.

Arguably, for any person looking forward to becoming a successful CEO, the art of effective networking is a must and would prove valuable in the future. In case people have hectic schedules, they should learn about effective time management form successful CEOs and then go ahead to build more of quality contacts in their business.

The strategy should be to create far reaching and strategic contacts and relationships which ensure that people get as much as they have invested in terms of time, money and effort, in a contact. If people really do want to build a formidable network, there is no better time for it than the present.

People can use the platforms provided by social networking websites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, to reach to people, who they think might be instrumental to their professional network. As people move up the ladder of networking, they will themselves also become an asset in networking for other people.

Author Bio: Issa Asad is CEO of numerous telecommunication and technology companies. He had started his first multi-million dollar company before the age of 30. You can connect with him on Facebook.

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