Conversations Are Black, White, or Gray, Which Are You Participating In?


Your life experience is determined by words and conversations. If you desire real change, there’s only one way to get it – change colors!

Black – Deadman Walking

A good word to describe the color black is darkness. If you want to know how gloomy it can be, go into a room, turn off the lights so the room is completely dark and make your way around.

You’re going to bump into things, maybe stumble and even fall. Many people are having an intimate experience with darkness at many levels; but it all leads to one place - a life of dissatisfaction.

Black is filled with words and conversations of regret, unhappiness, dissappointment, dispair, anguish, revenge – and these lead to depression, suicide, violence and even murder.

Black swollow’s you whole, leaving no hope; only a feeling of emptiness, loneliness and abandonment.

BEWARE: Misery loves company!

White – Walking with Purpose

Light is a good word to describe white. If you go into that same room with the lights on, you’ll find it much easier to navigate that room safely and without insident.

Light allows you to see clearly and FOCUS. This is required to get where you want to go in life. It doesn’t mean you won’t hit some rough patches, you will; however when the storms hit, it will provide you with the understanding that every days experience is moving you closer to your purpose and vision.

Progress likes white!

White is filled with words and conversations of hope, encouragement, determination, resolve and purpose, which fuels the will power to live the vision for your life.

Gray – Sleep Walking

The only word to descibe gray is confusion. Confusion only leads to uncertianty, trepidation and apprehension which leads to a road to nowhwere.

Gray keeps you stuck right where you are, living and experiencing an unfulfilling life with dreams & aspirations that seem unattainable to you.

Maybe you haven’t quite figured out what your purpose is in life is, or you have co-workers who inspire and feed your passions at the workplace, but when you’re back at home or hanging with old friends, their conversations don’t feed your aspirations. In fact they suck the very life out of you!

Gray is tough to break free from. It’s familiar. It’s home. It’s who you are and what you’re part of. The problem is, no real change can occur for you until you change colors!

NOTE: Nobody chooses black, it chooses you and takes no prisoners. Therefore, the only choice for you to make is white!

The Change You Desire

Change comes when you change the crowd of people who have shaped your life experience thus far.

You need to surround yourself with people and conversations that empower your visions, dreams and aspirations. They are YOURS TO HAVE; but they need fuel – words and converstions are that fuel.

Living Your Life And Purpose

Taking action on your convictions and making tough choices will lead to the change and transformation you desire. When you surround yourself with different people whose words and conversations empower your purpose – the desires of your heart shall be yours.

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