Conversations Are Black, White, or Gray, Which Are You Participating In?


Your life experience is determined by words and conversations. If you desire real change, there’s only one way to get it – change colors!

Black – Deadman Walking

A good word to describe the color black is darkness. If you want to know how gloomy it can be, go into a room, turn off the lights so the room is completely dark and make your way around.

You’re going to bump into things, maybe stumble and even fall. Many people are having an intimate experience with darkness at many levels; but it all leads to one place - a life of dissatisfaction.

Black is filled with words and conversations of regret, unhappiness, dissappointment, dispair, anguish, revenge – and these lead to depression, suicide, violence and even murder.

Black swollow’s you whole, leaving no hope; only a feeling of emptiness, loneliness and abandonment.

BEWARE: Misery loves company!

White – Walking with Purpose

Light is a good word to describe white. If you go into that same room with the lights on, you’ll find it much easier to navigate that room safely and without insident.

Light allows you to see clearly and FOCUS. This is required to get where you want to go in life. It doesn’t mean you won’t hit some rough patches, you will; however when the storms hit, it will provide you with the understanding that every days experience is moving you closer to your purpose and vision.

Progress likes white!

White is filled with words and conversations of hope, encouragement, determination, resolve and purpose, which fuels the will power to live the vision for your life.

Gray – Sleep Walking

The only word to descibe gray is confusion. Confusion only leads to uncertianty, trepidation and apprehension which leads to a road to nowhwere.

Gray keeps you stuck right where you are, living and experiencing an unfulfilling life with dreams & aspirations that seem unattainable to you.

Maybe you haven’t quite figured out what your purpose is in life is, or you have co-workers who inspire and feed your passions at the workplace, but when you’re back at home or hanging with old friends, their conversations don’t feed your aspirations. In fact they suck the very life out of you!

Gray is tough to break free from. It’s familiar. It’s home. It’s who you are and what you’re part of. The problem is, no real change can occur for you until you change colors!

NOTE: Nobody chooses black, it chooses you and takes no prisoners. Therefore, the only choice for you to make is white!

The Change You Desire

Change comes when you change the crowd of people who have shaped your life experience thus far.

You need to surround yourself with people and conversations that empower your visions, dreams and aspirations. They are YOURS TO HAVE; but they need fuel – words and converstions are that fuel.

Living Your Life And Purpose

Taking action on your convictions and making tough choices will lead to the change and transformation you desire. When you surround yourself with different people whose words and conversations empower your purpose – the desires of your heart shall be yours.

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Category : Blog &Inspiration

  • Ameena Falchetto

    My life is in magenta … it’s my own colour of clarity and excitement … BTW – Magenta is rich shade of pink to you guys 

    • Mark Harai

      Dang, magenta kinda slaps you right in the face… I can hang with magenta!

  • The JackB

    I think that I have been wandering through a thunderstorm. It is a mix of black, white, gray and blue.

    • Mark Harai

      LOL!  Well come in and let’s get you dried off Jack!Did you mean you were singing the blues in a thunderstorm :P

      You should try whistling Dixie in the rain – from what I’ve been told by some,  it produces a euphoric sense of bombs bursting in air (red, orange and yellow) and images of President Lincoln reading you bedtime stories : )

  • Soulati

    Do you dream in color? Do you fly? I do…I sprout wings and soar above my dream gracefully.

    What a lovely post…so glad to see you writing.

    • Mark Harai

      It’s funny you ask Jaymee, I was just talking to my daughter about lucid dreams… I know a few folks who have them all the time, but I rarely  even remember my dreams.

      You know, most people who read your comment are going to think you’re bonkers :P

      Kidding; just make sure your sleeping when you take off on your flights!

      • Soulati

        Here’s a secret, Mark. I am bonkers, but don’t tell anyone! ~Jayme

        • Amber-Lee Dibble

          (snort. yeah like THAT is a secret…)

          • Mark Harai

            You’ve been on a mission to crack me up today… Mission accomplished! 

          • Amber-Lee Dibble

            I just HAD to say it… SHE cracks me up all the time! AND…I was looking for that phrase I KEEP asking you about! Boy-o now you are in it, I may have just mis-quoted you!

          • Mark Harai

            Amber, you’re killing me… I did write something to that effect, but I can’t find it either – HAHA!

            Geesh, a guy has to be on his toes if he’s going to mingle with you!

            How bad is that? I can’t even find it! 

            I’ll be 46 this month, it’s starting to show up in the strangest of places : )

            Thanks for at least trying to keep me on my feet miss!

          • Amber-Lee Dibble

            WHAT?! I, me, myself, I have HEARD (well, read) you use it at least 3 times! I am certain of it! AND YOU DON’T KNOW?! LOL that is SO funny! It is always used in reference to how what we need to remember is that Social is constantly changing (as is life) and we DO still need to learn it, but to be able to use (live) it and KEEP doing it… and then of course, life – social- changes, always, it’s life- alive, so thus we need to see and know when to adjust, then keep going down that path…

            well. it may look silly, but you taught me a lot. (I missed talking with you when you were gone.)

            Hope I didn’t misquote you! ☺☺☺

  • Bill Dorman

    True story; we had a cleaning crew quit because they thought our office was haunted. I’ve been in the office for 28+ years and haven’t seen any ghosts, but because of the stories if I leave after dark I will turn off all the lights and walk the hall in the pitch black darkness. Maybe I was the one who scared them off, huh? 

    How did that apply to your story? Probably not much, but you did mention turning off the lights. 

    Blacks and whites can be rigid and a blend of color into your thinking allows for many more possibilities.

    Good to see you, hope you are getting back in the groove.

    • Mark Harai

      I can definitely see you as a Ghostbuster for sure Bill!

      I think if you add a bit of magenta, those possibilities could increase..?

      This is  a work in progress Bill – hittin’ a groove will take a bit more time, but making progress : )

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Adrienne

    My life is a beautiful blue, the color of the sky!  Yep, that’s how I feel the majority of the time.  Happy, peaceful, positive, loving every single day.  I cleaned house on friends about six years ago and go rid of all the negative crap.  It’s a clean house over here now Mark.

    Wonderful post and loved this topic.  Thanks for sharing!

    • Mark Harai

      It shows in everything you do online Adrienne!

      Your words and conversations are building you some serious momentum – and helping others do the same.

      You’re going to leave a big mark on world and in the process help others get what they want in life. 

      That’s awesome!

  • Jens P. Berget

    Powerful stuff Mark. And it reminds me a lot of Norway. This time of the year it’s all black. It’s black when I wake up in the morning and walk to work, and it’s all black when I’m finished and walk back home from work. And no wonder why so many people in Norway get depressed this time of the year… but it’s like you said, we have the choice ourselves to do something about it and surround ourselves with the right kind of people and pick white. 

    Life is so much more fun when we’re actually having fun :)

    • Mark Harai

      Well, there’s a lot white wherever you go Jens – you always brighten the day and contribute, not only value, but a great positive attitude that can only move things and people forward. 

      You’re a great connection on the social web!

      I kinda messed up with my title! I would choose different colors to describe life other than black, white or gray – I mean there are so many other beautiful colors that I would use to describe life… like every color in a rainbow!

      But, I’m pretty sure folks get that I was describing words, conversations & relationships : )

      Hope all is well with you my friend : ) 

      • Jens P. Berget

        Thanks a lot Mark. I am actually using the colors of the rainbow in my novel as a central theme, and the protagonist is color blind :)

  • John Falchetto

    White, for sure, that’s why I stopped using dark background on my site. There is something about clear, bright sites, words and actions.

    To brightness; life and light :)

    • Mark Harai

      It really makes a tremendous difference John… I love your new blog design. I wish I could put a video like the one you put up of your adventures – that would require that I dangle in giant caves by a string!

      It looks like a lot of fun. Maybe someday you I can join you on one of your adventures and face some of my fear of heights!

      It’s great to see you my friend : )

  • Erica Allison

    White, blues and greens for me, Mark! I love to see you writing again and I really like this line of thinking. I think it’s funny how the ladies are chiming in with color options and the boys are either white, black or gray.  Very telling, I’d say.  However, I think we’re both shooting for the same thing: living a life with purpose and conviction. Amen to that, all day long. xoxo!

    • Mark Harai

      Dang guys are colorless; without women, men would sure live a bland boring life lol!

      I appreciate your input here Erica and the encouraging bright (smart) light you always bring to the conversation.

      I will follow you : ) 

  • Elena Patrice

    Excellence here my friend! Loooove this post Mark! You so write in ways that resonate so intently with me and I’m so grateful to you for that! This is such a powerful post! I’m all with the white, adding giant splashes of red (my fav) pouring on the passion!

    Always stay rock-solid Mark … I count on you for this! 

    Goodness to you,


    • Mark Harai

      I love the ‘bright red’ passion that oozes from you in everything you do on the social web!

      You’re white shines bright!

      I’m thankful to be connected to so many awesome people – - I’m just thankful..!

      Thanks so much for visiting and I’ll be seeing you soon : )

  • Kaarina Dillabough

    My life is shimmering, sparkling, ethereal white:) “Living your Life and Purpose”, making decisions then DO-ing is what a fulfilled life is all about. Beautiful post. Eloquent. Rich. Simply lovely. Cheers! Kaarina

    • Mark Harai

      Hi Kaarina!

      I can attest to the fact that your life is shimmering, sparkling and ethereal white!Your light shines bright in everything you do Kaarina and I really appreciate your efforts and work on the social web. You’re making a difference – you’re a golden connection : )

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