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One of the traits that is a must for inclusion in this blog series is to be a giver. Yes, there are millions of blogs out there in the blogoshere, but in that grand scope, there are very few people that invest themselves fully into the lives of others.

When you can find these kinds of people, you've hit pay dirt with your blogging efforts.

Why you ask?

Because if you're blogging for the right reasons, with passion and transparency, you will learn, grow and become a better person and more effective professional as a result.

What that means is the folks who I'm talking about are the smartest, sharpest web savvy, social media producing machines on the planet. Their motivation for blogging is to bring out the very best in themselves and others.

These folks aren't waiting around seeing what happens, they're diving in and letting the creative juices flow and figuring out how to add value to peoples lives and the communities they serve.

It gives me great pleasure to feature one of the best examples of the words above: Stuart Mills

His friends simply call him "Stu" and he is churning out some personal development content that is second to none. The brilliance of his work takes place in the comments of his blog and the communities he frequents.  He's not light on words, in fact he goes way below the surface to get people thinking about who they really are and what makes them tick.

Here's a recent guest post he wrote over at Danny Brown's blog and it's a must read for those who are getting sucked in to the social media whirlpool: "The Zen of Social Media"

His most recent post on his blog was simply "B.E." and if you can just BE, you'll learn how to experience the awesomeness of NOW.

You can connect with Stu here:



If you're wondering who these people are that many bloggers are saying can take your blogging experience to another level, Stuart is a prime example of who they're talking about. Having said that, you'll just need to connect with him yourself to see what this blogger is all about. He's producing an amazing body of work and sharing value and insights liberally with others who are hungry for change or just want to improve upon their strengths.

Stu regularly contributes value around the web and it would be great for those who do know him to leave a comment on your experience interacting with this thought leader/ contributor on how he has enriched your blogging experience for those who don't know him yet.

Cheers to you Stu, the community appreciates what you do!

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Category : Blog &Blogging

  • Anonymous

    Mark, my head has officially swelled beyond all proportion, my smile is as wide as a river, and my heart is experiencing so much love.

    You, sir, are a gent. A legend, and a very kind individual indeed. I’m honoured, privileged, and humbled to know you Mark.

    I’m actually struggling to think of something else to say, so taken aback am I. If there was ever a reason to confirm why I do what I do, this is it.

    Thank you Mark. Thank you :-)

    • Mark Harai

      Haha – well deserving props my friend. I look forward to seeing some more love shared right here and directed at one fine individual!

      Thanks for being you Stu and the feelings you’ve expressed in your comment are mutual bro. Stay cool!

    • John Falchetto

      Stu, all well deserved and Mark doesn’t dish out compliments easily.

      Don’t struggle to say something, you say it very well in your posts. Just keep the magic coming our way mate.

    • Christina Crowe

      You deserve it, Stu! I’m so happy to see you featured here on Mark’s blog.

      As John said, there’s no need to say anything! You say it all in the posts that you write and the support you give.

      Thanks for being awesome, and it is such a honor to have known YOU all these months. :)


  • Jk Allen

    Mark – you picked an excellent candidate in with our friend Stu!

    I was one of Stuart’s first followers at unlockthedoor and look at him now, all over the place; making it happen. Just this morning I read his post on Danny Brown’s blog. This being said, I hold a special place for Stu and I be I feel just as honored with this feature, as he does Mark. So as he thanked you…I too thank you.

    Stuart exemplifies honesty, hard work and skill. His subject matters captivate us readers and always offer a unique perspective from us to learn from. I’m often left thinking… “what an old soul he is”!

    Stu – keep up the great work. Mark is an excellent scout of talent – this post proves that!

    • Mark Harai

      Jk, so eloquently stated, I agree with everything you’ve said here. Stuart is an honorable guy, working hard and making a difference. He’s well on his way to the top of his game and its great to be part of.

      Won’t it be interesting to see where we’re all at in say 12 months, a couple of years… I have a great sense that significant contributions will be made to the social web by the tight-nit community of folks that’s developing.

      These are exciting times.

      Cheers to both of you!

      • Jk Allen

        Mark – I think it’s exciting to think of all the relationships built and actively supporting each other.

        In 12 months, may we all be surprised with opportunities that we never expected! I’m talking about BIG STUFF!

  • davinabrewer

    I’m just getting to know Stuart and his blog, nice to see you shine the light on him here Mark. Now to check out the guest post over at Danny Brown’s place.

  • Jens P. Berget

    Hi Mark,

    I have just read a post at Live Your Love, where Brankica talks about a very interesting person, Ileane Smith.

    I ended up subscribing to Ileane Smith’s blog.

    I haven’t heard of Stuart before, but he sounds like an awesome guy. I will definitively be checking his blog out and subscribe to it.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    - Jens

    • Mark Harai

      Hi Jens, Thanks so much for popping in and supporting a good friend of the community.

      I’m going to go check out lleane Smith’s blog now – I appreciate you recommending great bloggers we can all hook up with.

      Cheers to you Jens!

  • Marlee Ward

    Hi Mark,

    I totally agree with you about Stu’s use of words. He always says just enough. I was very moved my his post B.E. It was simply beautiful. Great to see him getting some spotlight here!

    • Mark Harai

      Absolutely agree Marlee, Stu is quite the word-smith.

      Thanks for popping in and telling him so yourself : )

  • Marcus Sheridan,The Sales Lion

    Dang Gina!!! First Danny, then being focused on Mark Harai’s Kickin-A series???? What’s next Stu, King of England??

    Proud of ya buddy. But just remember, before you were such a star and all I was still reading your awesome stuff. ;-)


    • Mark Harai

      I have a feeling many future bright stars got there start right in your little community Marcus. Now that is the sign of an great leader : )

      You better be, you chose the dang lion to model your brand after – you king of the blog jungle!

  • Danny Brown

    Great choice, mate, and agree, guy’s making big waves. So many great bloggers out there – thanks for shining the light on them. :)

    • Mark Harai

      Always awesome to have your mentor show up and give some kudos Danny : )

      Interesting conversation with Mitch and Gini yesterday… I’m looking forward to seeing your post on the matter. I loved your comment – slap, slap hehe!

      • Danny Brown

        Write a post on it? But Gini and Mitch did it so well… ;-)

        • Mark Harai

          Gini was quite cordial throughout. I preferred you’re harder hitting style with this conversation. Funny, Gini didn’t follow your lead on that one :0

  • Elena Patrice

    Hi Mark,

    You write something key here, “Because if you’re blogging for the right reasons, with passion and transparency, you will learn, grow and become a better person …”. I think many of these passionate bloggers truly help make you (at the very least) want to be a better person. I’m utterly fascinated at how this blogging world is developing. There seems to be this incredible movement or shift and it’s curious to know if people are really aware of the impact it holds when harnessed for good. I’m sure someone could point me in the opposite direction; however, that’s their deal and it really comes down to “like attracts like” I believe. Danny and Stu are excellent examples! And the list goes on!

    Thanks for spreading the goodness Mark! Here’s to a fantabulous day!

    Much kindness,


    • Mark Harai

      Hello Elena – I agree whole-heartedly with you miss ; )

      There’s a movement developing and taking place, an exciting one and I believe we’re very fortunate to be participating in the blogosphere at this time.

      The bloggers were connected with and connecting to are of like mind; be better, do better, make others better and just be the very best you can be.

      This is going to be an interesting journey Elena and I’m thrilled we’ll be able to participate and experience together.

      Thanks so much for dropping some inspiration and support here, I really appreciate it.

      Have a wonderful day!

  • Frank Jennings


    This was a very kind gesture from you. Stu is a stand up type of guy who puts together some great content that is honest and thoughtful. I have found a ton of value from the information that he puts together on his site and look forward to his growth and progress in the future. To Stu!!

    • Mark Harai

      Yo Frank, that is exactly why I featured him : )

      The tight knit group you guys developed is growing. There are lots of interesting strategic relationships coming together and communities merging.

      I do believe there will be much accomplished by this community movement that’s starting to gain some serious momentum. It’s great to be the spark, or at least play a part in a great movement.

      Hopefully, everyone will grow and get somethings done — the opportunity has presented itself.

      Now get busy and start your first company!!!!

  • Christina Crowe

    Congratulations on being featured on Mark’s blog, Stu! Way to go! :)

    I completely agree with you, Mark. Stu is so passionate about what he does, and that passion shows. I especially found his post B.E. to be such an inspiration – motivating others to keep pushing on and never doubt their ability to succeed or question who they are.

    I look forward to watching his growth as a blogger in the months to come; he has huge potential, and I’m glad to see him embracing blogging with open arms.

    Way to go, Stu!


    • Mark Harai

      He’s a man on the move for sure Christina : )

  • Jason

    As you know Stu is one of a kind. When you go to his site or read his comments it just makes you feel good. Enough said.

    Seems like you have a knack for finding the genuine on the web Mark, can’t get any more real than Jk and Stu.

    • Mark Harai

      Hey Jason, good to see you here man : )

      You know how it goes, like minded people/ spirits are drawn to one another.

      I’m absolutely sure that you are the real deal Jason — in just the handful of articles and comments you’ve written that I’ve had the pleasure of reading, I notice one thing; there’s heart in every word.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here Jason, I appreciate the support. I’ll be seeing you over at your place soon :P

  • Erica Allison

    Hi Mark and Happy Friday! I just ‘met’ Stu on Danny Brown’s blog and was quite impressed with his Zen post. I look forward to reading more of his stuff and with an endorsement from you, so will many others! Thanks!

    • Mark Harai

      Hi Erica, happy Friday to you too!

      I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by this young blogger. I’m impressed with him as well. He’s a quality individual and I’m sure you’ll find that out for yourself very quickly.

      Make it a great weekend Erica!

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