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One of the traits that is a must for inclusion in this blog series is to be a giver. Yes, there are millions of blogs out there in the blogoshere, but in that grand scope, there are very few people that invest themselves fully into the lives of others.

When you can find these kinds of people, you've hit pay dirt with your blogging efforts.

Why you ask?

Because if you're blogging for the right reasons, with passion and transparency, you will learn, grow and become a better person and more effective professional as a result.

What that means is the folks who I'm talking about are the smartest, sharpest web savvy, social media producing machines on the planet. Their motivation for blogging is to bring out the very best in themselves and others.

These folks aren't waiting around seeing what happens, they're diving in and letting the creative juices flow and figuring out how to add value to peoples lives and the communities they serve.

It gives me great pleasure to feature one of the best examples of the words above: Stuart Mills

His friends simply call him "Stu" and he is churning out some personal development content that is second to none. The brilliance of his work takes place in the comments of his blog and the communities he frequents.  He's not light on words, in fact he goes way below the surface to get people thinking about who they really are and what makes them tick.

Here's a recent guest post he wrote over at Danny Brown's blog and it's a must read for those who are getting sucked in to the social media whirlpool: "The Zen of Social Media"

His most recent post on his blog was simply "B.E." and if you can just BE, you'll learn how to experience the awesomeness of NOW.

You can connect with Stu here:



If you're wondering who these people are that many bloggers are saying can take your blogging experience to another level, Stuart is a prime example of who they're talking about. Having said that, you'll just need to connect with him yourself to see what this blogger is all about. He's producing an amazing body of work and sharing value and insights liberally with others who are hungry for change or just want to improve upon their strengths.

Stu regularly contributes value around the web and it would be great for those who do know him to leave a comment on your experience interacting with this thought leader/ contributor on how he has enriched your blogging experience for those who don't know him yet.

Cheers to you Stu, the community appreciates what you do!

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