Kick-Ass Blogging Series: Jk Allen – The Hustler’s Notebook



I've been a little lax the couple of weeks on this series and I'm really excited to share some bloggers who are just killing it with there work right now.

I'm connected to some awesome A-listers, as most of us are, however the purpose of this series is to highlight people/ bloggers who are rising stars that in my opinion are doing things right.

What does that mean precisely? It means that just by connecting and participating with these folks, you'll grow, your blog will grow and you'll start experiencing success with your blogging efforts. Connecting with the right people makes all the difference. This to me is worthwhile work to connect with and follow, wouldn't you agree?

It gives me great pleasure to feature Jk Allen this week. He's an exceptional individual and business professional who is taking personal development to another level.

He consistently shares valuable insights in his posts and gets the community thinking. He'll also take your posts to another level by leaving thought provoking comments that enriches the experience for all involved.

Great bloggers create great content, and add value to the content of others and Jk is a master at both.

You can connect with Jk here:

His Blog

His Twitter

His latest blog post "Street Smarts Reigns Supreme and Experience is King" is just a sample of what can really make a difference in your journey to success. His blog is loaded with great content, so stop by and leave a comment so you get on his radar. This is where the real experience begins : )

Please leave your comments on how Jk has influenced you in the community. I know he has had an impact everywhere he goes and it would be great for those who haven't connected with him yet to hear what others have to say about this awesome hustler!

Cheers to everyone reaching their goals and building something great!

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Category : Blog &Blogging

  • Marcus Sheridan,The Sales Lion

    Hot-diggidy-dog, my boy JK has hustled his way onto Mark Harai’s blog….sweet!!!

    I was lucky enough to hook-up with JK about 4 months ago and ever since we’ve grown closer and have established a tremendous relationship. Not only do we take the time to support each other’s blogs with comments and RTs and the like, but we’ve developed a friendship beyond the blogosphere– one where I know the next time I’m anywhere near Colorado I’ll be walking up his doorstep.

    Jk is as nice, intelligent, humble, and dedicated as any blogger and person I know.

    Absolutely thrilled to see him here Mark. Well done sir.


    • Mark Harai

      Jk has been an inspiration to me. Several people that inspire me today have come from your blog Marcus : )

      There will be more of these in the coming weeks. The lion is attracting some stellar people worthy of mentioning. I had a hard time deciding who I was going to share today, but Jk just stood out in my mind.

      My wife is from Denver as well, so we pop over there every once in a while. I look forward to meeting him in person as well.

      Cheers Marcus… your blog comments are blowing up, so get back to work haha!

    • Jk Allen

      What’s up Marcus – thanks a bunch for showing a constant flow of love to your favorite hustler. It means a lot! You know, Tony the Tiger has nothing on you! Neither does Tigger and you can tell them I said it.

      Our time as friends has been great and we’ve only touched the surface. You’re always welcome in the my hood (well, my burbs) anytime you make it to Colorado.

      Thank you thank you thank you for the very nice comment Marcus!


  • John Falchetto

    Mark, always tell people you are my A-lister simply because you have a natural talent to develop great communities.
    I first read JK’s blog when I noticed his comments on Marcus, the saleslion’s blog. The first post I read was “being a hustler is not for everyone’ and this really hit home in so many ways that I actually quote some of the post to clients and future expats.

    I haven’t had time to read his new post on street smarts but I am sure its again A grade content.

    Cheers to you for helping to build a great community of very talented people. It takes a really special person to do this Marc.
    Cheers for being you

    • Mark Harai

      Jk’s street smarts blog hits the mark John… and you are too kind with your comments. I just watch, listen and learn : )

      Building community isn’t too hard when you tap into the right group of people and personalities. There’s a synergy thing that has kicked things into another gear.

      I’m just happy to plugged into a great community of forward thinkers and doers. It makes all the difference.

      Cheers John!

    • Jk Allen

      John – I was able to get the vibe of his natural talent in developing relationships through is blog and connecting online. But after spending a few minutes on Skype with him – it’s all the more clear. This guy Mark Harai is a connector, a relationship builder…a community developer!

      Thank you for keeping up with The Notebook John. It’s been a real gift being introduced to your site by Marcus and I’m proud to be a life long member of your community.

      • Mark Harai

        John, Jk – two of my favorite people in the world… that’s a big place!

        I’ve always had a knack for being able to initiate and develop relationships with key people in business and industry.

        Now that I’ve read some of the comments in this post, I suppose one of those gifts has been just being able to develop community, partnerships, and basically professional strategic relationships with the right folks to get things done.

        Everybody, and I mean everybody has their special knack, or what like to call ‘gift.’ Mine just happens to be connecting people.

        Once these strategic relationships are established, my greatest strength is serving the needs of visionary’s by making things happen – driving the crew, building teams, keeping people focused, and inspired to fight the good fight and go further then they’ve ever gone before in there life.

        Just wanted both of you to know I’m here to serve you guys any way I can. Let’s be amazing and do something amazing.

        When you guys have the plan, ping me : )

        • Jk Allen

          You better believe that I will; ping you Mark. It’s just a matter of time as far as I’m concerned!

      • Mark Harai

        Hey, Jk, shhhh… We’re celebrating your contributions tonight. Can we have tonight?


    • Mark Harai

      Thanks for the kind words John… every time I read one of your replies, I learn something new about myself. You must be a coach or developer of people or something???

      Thanks for your friendship, John – it’s valued : )

  • Marlee Ward


    Now, that’s evidence of some real deal hustlin’!

    I can’t echo Marcus’ sentiments of JK enough! He truly is a wonderful person who has demonstrated nothing but a genuine desire to establish real relationships, give value to others, and be an incredible example.

    In my eyes JK is the pillar of personal leadership as you’ve noted here, he’s taking the blogosphere by storm just by being his best – true self. I’m happy and blessed to call him friend and think this is recognition well-deserved!

    I recommend you get on his radar and in his community before he’s too hard to get too! ;)

    • Mark Harai

      That’s so true Marlee… as you get traction, it can eat up some time and Jk is well on his way. Don’t be too modest, I see what your up to over at and it looks like your cranking out some great content too.

      I look forward to jumping in over at your blog community too… hopefully you’re not too busy to reply :P

    • Jk Allen

      WOW Marlee! Did you mean all that? Really? JK (just kidding)!

      On a serious note, thank you for all of your help in making sure I’m on top of my game. I can’t recall the number of times where you’ve saved me from some mistake I made, or from something I was ignorant of.

      With all that you have going on, you always have time to help – and it’s examples such as that – that I follow. So thank you for setting the tone and leading the way!

  • Jason

    You couldn’t have done any better than Jk….one of the most genuine and hard working guys on the web!

    For those not familiar with Jk, read one or two of his comments and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about…..his content is some of the most inspirational out there as well.

    Jk has re-defined the word “hustle”.

    • Jk Allen

      Awe Jason – genuine I am…but how couldn’t I be in the midst of such great people. With all this love and support, I feel like I can do anything!

      It’s my mission Jason to redefine the word “hustle”. One day, that negative connotation will take second place to the positive one. It’s my mission. And not through words – but by action.
      Thanks buddy! PEACE

  • Jonathanfigaro

    This Guy Jk is on fire. Everywhere I go I see this dude. This only motivates me. This only forces me to go harder and want to greater. I’m happy too see you team up with Mark!

    • Lloydchristie

      You’re sure right about that Jonathan J’s on fire this guy needs his own forum!

      • Mark Harai

        Indeed he does Lloyd – he’s one bad man :P

      • Jk Allen

        Lloyd – your support is like gas to my engine. Thank you so much man. Thank you so much!

        • Lloyd Christie

          Like I said J you’re a great role model

    • Mark Harai

      Hey, were all teamed up together Jonathan, join the party : )

    • Jk Allen

      Thanks Jonathan – I still shout you out for being my first comment ever on The Notebook. It was your comment that first inspired me to go out and comment. And that’s what set it off. So thanks for your continued support man.

  • Anonymous

    I think you’ve done the blogosphere proud with this tribute Mark.

    Jk is a true inspiration to the community, a champion of the value of giving, and the bringer of awesome comments. Long may he continue to do what he does best :-)

    • Mark Harai

      Yes indeed Stu, Jk is pretty darn good with that pen and he knocks it out of the park with thoughtful comments. Jk and others can really take blog topics to another level with their input.

      Good to see you my man – you’re up next!

      • Anonymous

        Oh oh, better get my make-up on then ;-)

    • Jk Allen

      Stu – I plan on being around for a long time. And as long as I have a network of folks with people like you in it, I’m sure to reach any and every milestone that I reach for. I’m one of your first blogging friends and I’ll be a lasting one. Count on that!

      • Anonymous

        That warms the cockles of my heart Jk! It’s been a pleasure, privilege and honour knowing you, and I hope it goes on and on and on :-)

  • Frank Jennings

    Hey Mark,

    This is a well put together tribute for a man who really has changed the way bloggers comment and communicate with one another. He continually provides value in his pots and even greater value in the comment he put together. He does not add a comment to build a link he adds a comment to build a relationship. I am glad to see I am not the only life this great man has touched. To Jk!! You have inspired us all to do things with more heart and commitment. Thanks for putting together this post.

    • Mark Harai

      Hey Frank!

      Apologies upfront, I’m a bit slow, but I finally subscribed to your blog. I look forward to connecting with you… I see you all over the blogosphere and I have a suspicion you’re all about creating value like Jk.

      OK, so back to Jk – I’m so happy for this young man to get so much love today. It’s the Jk love-fest : )

      He deserves it. He’s a relentless giver who’ll make anyone better by connecting with him. It’s just his nature man.

      Cheers Frank, we’ll be getting a bit more warm and fuzzy too in the near future as well… and I’m looking forward to it : )

      • Jk Allen

        Mark – Frank is the definition of a good guy. I think you’ll find that value in inspiration what he’s about. It’s clear after reading some of his work…and even his comments. For him, content is king and helping people are the motive.

        • Mark Harai

          Thanks for the heads up Jk… I’m connected with him and I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other quite a bit in the future : )

    • Jk Allen

      Frank – what’ sup man! You throwing me in a pioneer position is generous. Not sure if I’m worthy, truly, but I certainly bask in the thought!

      The mission is to inspire and to touch as many people as I can. I’ve been so fortunate and what I have to give will never be enough…but I will continue to stretch as far as I can to deliver value in any and every way that I can.
      Our journey will be shoulder to shoulder – right foot to left foot. Talk to you soon Frank, my friend!

  • Jk Allen


    What a nice surprise and terrific honor it is to be featured here on your blog. It hit me by surprise. I saw that crazy looking picture and was like – “that looks like me…wait, that is me!!!”

    What a nice gesture Mark, thank you!

    It’s moments like these when it all comes together – when it feels like the impact is being made and that all the time invested is time well spent. It’s these situations that define the ROI. And all of us business-minded folk are about that ROI!

    Today has been a GREAT DAY! From being mentioned on both Tristan’s blog (via guest post), mentioned on Marcus’s blog, receiving an email from an prominent A-List blogger and especially video chatting with you on Skype!

    Thanks for all that you do Mark. Your kindness truly touching.

  • Dia

    Hi Mark,

    You have chosen a man who deserves to be here. JK is a man who exemplifies the meaning of what a true friend is. He is highly knowledgeable, honest, and hardworking guy. The first thing that caught my eye was his comments. There were in depth and really add to the conversation. Great job Mark on featuring JK. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Jk Allen

      Hey Dia – thank you for stopping by and showing support – like you always do. Thanks for saying all those nice things man. Means a lot!

    • Mark Harai

      As you know Dia – you and I completely agree on that one!

      Hope to see you around the blogosphere more often Dia : )

  • Chelsea Thomas

    Wow! This is great and totally inspirational for other bloggers on the rise!

    • Mark Harai

      That’s a good thing and Jk wouldn’t have it any other way. Go connect on his blog and this one here and join the posse Chelsea : )

    • Jk Allen

      Chelsea – you’re certainly on the rise! Thank you for stopping by and showing support to the cause! You’re loyalty is awesome. And, I’m here to help your blog grow in any way that I can. Just let me know how and when I can assist!

  • Stella Szeto


    So glad you featured someone who truly goes out of his way to help others. JK is always sharing insightful comments and writing great posts of his own as well. He has an uncanny knack for relating to people as if he’s known them for a long time. In essence that just proves how much he goes out of his way to develop real relationships. JK redefines what it means to “connect” on the internet. Kudos!

    • Jk Allen

      Wow Stella – that was powerfully nice of you. Wow again!

      I’m in awe from your compliments. The way I see it Stella, is that I’m a lucky man to be in the company of such great people. So I try to give back what I receive from others – including you.

      That comment was so nice. Thank you!

      • Stella Szeto

        Just telling it like it is! :)

    • Mark Harai

      Hi Stella!

      It’s amazing to see what the power of serving others can do for your blogging efforts. Jk is just getting started… won’t it be interesting to see where this young man is in the next year??

      Stay close to the folks in this community and others we all participate in and there’s no place to go but up!

      Thanks for supporting one the blogosphere’s greatest friends – hope to see more of you Stella ; )

      Update: I just subscribed to your blog, so I will definitely be seeing more of you. Let’s connect and help each other along the way : )

      • Stella Szeto

        Hi Mark,

        I’m completely excited to see where JK will be going in the future. I’m sure it will be amazing. There are so many motivated and talented people out there changing the world one act as a time. JK is definitely one of them!

        Thanks for sharing, Mark.

    • Mark Harai

      A couple of things Stella; when I received the confirmation for my email RSS, it didn’t have a link to click???

      I’m pretty sure there’s suppose to be a link to confirm, so I’m not sure if I’m subscribed or not.

      Also, the twitter button in you social networks box isn’t working properly.

      You might want to check these two things out : )

      • Stella Szeto

        Ut oh! Thanks for letting me know, Mark. Maybe it’s time I move from SquareSpace to WordPress.

  • davinabrewer

    Wonderful series you have here Mark, way to give back to your community. I’ve only recently met JK (also via the Sales Lion, such a great match making blog Marcus has!) and am already very impressed. This community of bloggers is smart, engaged very supportive.. in the posts, comments, RTs, all of it. Blogs like JK’s are quickly moving up on my ‘must read’ list, only catch is there are so many and so little time.. but it’s a great problem to have. FWIW.

    • Mark Harai

      Hi Davina – I wholeheartedly agree with you and I’m thankful to part of this developing group we’ve tapped into. There some great energy and support here from people who know how to get things done and they make you better by just being connected with them.

      I’m very thankful indeed – and I’m grateful for your continued support as well Davina. See you soon : )

    • Jk Allen

      Hi Davina!

      Marcus has a serious community buzzing, doesn’t he!

      I completely understand – so many great places, and so little time. Please, never feel any pressure…but know that when you do make it my blog, I’m honored by your presence.

      Thank you

      • davinabrewer

        No pressure, I know I won’t get to them all. One thing I like about your blog.. noticed today in fact is that you don’t blog everyday, like Marcus who is one of my favorites. Makes me feel less slack.. and less pressure so that if next week, I only manage one blog post (decent, readable of course) instead of two, I know the world won’t tilt off its axis. ;-)

        • Mark Harai

          Hi Davina – I don’t blog on a schedule – just when I have a aha moment and feel like it would be something the community would like to hash out. I have a lot of fun with it.

          There’s much to learn, so just putting in the time and effort to get it down right : )

          • davinabrewer

            I’m on a publishing schedule, excellent point Mark. If something is hot-button current event I do publish right away. Otherwise.. like today’s post for example, it was actually written a few days ago. I am trying for twice a week, Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday. I have a few things in the hopper, sometimes wait for that current event or special post to link to.. that sorta springboards what I’ve been drafting. Wish I HAD more ‘A Ha!’ moments. ;-)

  • Erica Allison

    Hi Mark! Great series here. I just recently head about JK via Danny Brown’s blog. He’s now got the triple threat working for him with you, Marcus and DB – I’m all in. I look forward to getting to know him and from my first read on his site, know I’ll enjoy it!

    • Mark Harai

      Good Morning Erica ; )

      Jk is a solid individual who not only cranks out relevant articles to the community, but contributes thoughtful comments to community blogs as well. He adds value everywhere he goes, and I’m sure you’ll see that for yourself!

      Thanks for stopping in here Erica, see you soon : )

    • Jk Allen

      Hello Erica!

      Thanks for checking out my site. I appreciate that. I’ve been very fortunate to be mentioned by these great people. They make me feel like I’m doing something right!!!

      I look forward to connecting with you. By chance, do you have a blog. It’s not linked to your gravatar?


  • Tito Philips, Jnr.

    When I first came in contact with James, it was from another blog as a result of his confident look and signature comments. Ever since, I can’t just seem to have enough of his presence every where I go. He is the ideal example of what happens when you take your game above the usual playing field. He is truly exemplified the spirit of a hustler and has lived up to his message. Nothing defines a man better than walking his talk.

    JK, your the man and it’s been great knowing you.

    • Mark Harai

      Happy Sunday to you Tito.. thank you for stopping in and sharing a piece of your mind here.

      Firstly, as you already know, I think very highly of Jk (James). He is an exceptional individual and businessman.

      Secondly, I’ve been seeing you in many of the communities we all share in and I see you’re adding value, insight and thoughtful comments.

      I look forward to seeing more of you and sharing in the community Tito. It looks like you’re a man on the move : )


      • Tito Philips, Jnr.

        Thank you Mark, and it’s an honour to be hanging out here with you and other great minds surrounding this community. Certainly, I am joining :)

    • Jk Allen

      Hey Tito – thank you so much for the complimentary comment. The respect is mutual.

      It’s been great connecting with you and following your SIGNIFICANT and UNUSUAL [extraordinary] journey through entrepreneurship as a practitioner and teacher.

      Tito, YOUR the man and it’s been great knowing you as well!

  • Sal Greco

    HELL YEA!!!! JK the Hustler man TOTALLY deserves this…

    His message and blog is so TIGHT that you can’t NOT be inspired to move by visiting… 

    Can’t say enough good things about this dude!

    Surfs up!

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