The Realities of Successful Entrepreneurs


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Greetings to you!

I’ve been missing’ in action for the past few weeks and have finally come up for air! I am excited to have an opportunity to share some thoughts on entrepreneurship on – It would be great to see you over there!

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There are a few changes coming soon to my blog and I’ll be sharing a bit more on projects I’m involved with in Costa Rica. For nearly five years I’ve invested in and been involved with various Eco-friendly projects including a sustainable community development, alternative fuel farms and water purification.

I’ll be sharing insights & information on projects and technologies that will impact every person on the planet and change the mindset of entrepreneurs and consumers alike in the not-so-distant future. I’m looking forward to sharing some cool stuff with you : )

However, the theme will remain the same:

Do something meaningful with your life. Never stop believing that you were put on this planet to make a difference. Be all you can be and live each day as if it was your last to create and be the person you would like to be remembered as.

I appreciate you very much. Thank you for stopping by and I hope to hear from you in the comments! Go Here to check out my latest guest post : )

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  • Kaarina Dillabough

    Ah my friend, you are always a breath of fresh air and bushel full of smiles:) I love and live your theme. Heading over now to check out your guest post. Cheers! Kaarina

    • Mark Harai

      Hi Kaarina!

      I know you do Kaarina – you’re always an inspiration to me; even during my lurking seasons : )

      I’ve been a bit overwhelmed the past several weeks on projects, but hopefully getting in a position to spend time with my online family soon!

      Thanks so much for sending your smiles and inspiration – I really do appreciate it.

  • Hajra

    We missed you! Heading to the guest post! :)

    • Mark Harai

      There may not be a 100 comments on this post; but I do have two of the smartest ladies on the social web commenting here – hehe!

      Thanks for stopping by Hajra – I really appreciate it miss. It’s good to see you – will be seeing more of you soon : )

  • Jens P. Berget

    Hey Mark,

    It’s great that you’re back. I’ll be reading your post very soon.

    I’m in Denmark right now. And tomorrow we’ll be visiting Legoland :)

    I can’t wait to see your changes. I have a lot to learn from you, and especially during my new life in Berget Marketing – today is my first day in my business :)

    • Mark Harai

      Hi Jens – Legoland – yahoo : )

      I’m very happy and excited for you Jens. You have ALL the tools to be as successful as you desire. It’s the person behind the blog – the substance and person you are that absolutely can’t fail. 

      I really appreciate your friendship and support Jens – and I consistently learn from you as well, so I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with you and seeing how high and far you’ll go.

      Thanks for stopping by sir!

  • Bill Dorman

    Harry Houdini, huh? 

    • Mark Harai

      If you’re speaking of his dissappearing acts, I’m amateur at best :0

  • The JackB

    I knew you were hanging around- figured that in short order you’d start bringing down the thunder.

    • Mark Harai

      Apologies for the seasons of lurking Jack – you’re my weekly insight and entertainment destination : )

      I hope you and the kids have a warm Easter holiday.

      Cheers to good fathers everywhere!

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