How Your Startup Can Change The World

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Startups in the tech world are hot right now. It’s an industry born during one of the toughest global financial meltdowns in history, and now it’s positioned to lead the way to global economic prosperity.

The infographic below provides insights, resources, and statistics on hot industries for startups:  

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Startup Success Stats

  • 30%: chance of a success in a second venture by an already successful entrepreneur
  • 18%: chance of success for a first-time entrepreneur
  • 20%: chance of success for an entrepreneur who has previously failed
  • 45%: new establishments still alive after 5 years according to the Census Bureau
  • 43%: new firms still alive after 5 years according to the Census Bureau5
  • 46%: Twitter’s chance of success in 2009 (when it was 3 years old) according to the Wall Street Journal

Start Me Up: What's Hot in the World of Startups
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What goes up must come down… 

The global economic meltdown contributed significantly to the adoption of social media by business owners, as it provided an inexpensive method of connecting with potential new customers without the necessity for the investment of capital – just time.

The break-neck speed at which the social web has infiltrated the personal and professional lives across the globe is astounding.

It used to be an incredible feat to go national! Wait, even regional!

And now you can start a global reaching social business from the comfort of your living room.

Okay, maybe that sounds too easy; but thousands of people have successfully done it and thousands more are doing it everyday!

Timing <<< Here is the big advantage your social business has right now

Social media logo's

You have the opportunity to shape global media, and this media will shape the future mindset of the world.

Sounds lofty, I know – but that’s precisely what big business and governments do with media; they leverage mass media to program sheep.

And that is exactly how most, if not all, big corporations and governments think about you and I, too – we’re all sheep!

Nothing but a wooly animal stupid enough to sit in front of a television set and soak up every carefully crafted script they serve up to us. Duh.

It’s powerful, it works, they know it works, and they leverage it for the express purpose and intention of programming your mind to control you, whether that’s to influence you to buy something, or to instill fear in your hearts.

Do you think this is how small business owners think about media?

Small business owners view media as a way to inform people of the value they can provide to your life, not control you.

They don’t think of you as sheep, they think of you as an individual, or valued potential customer who they would like an opportunity to help and serve, not control.

Big business has no soul, and is controlled by money. That’s why most don’t so social too well. They’re heartless.

At the core, they are not motivated to help and serve customers. They are motivated to increase profits and garner more market share <<< priority #1

They are not controlled by the individual who desires to change lives and create value in the world; they’re now run by the bankers who finance and profit from them.

I’m not saying individuals who work at big companies and investment banks are bad, I’m simply saying the underlying motivation for the companies they work for is not in the best interest of consumers.

I could go on and on and provide you examples of how big business and the mindset that runs them, are not for you… They serve money. Period.

Once you plug yourself into investment banks and take their money, you’ve just sold the soul of your business.

Which mindset do you think is more beneficial to mankind, and the future of the world?

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Can you see where the land of opportunity mixed with a whole lot of greed landed the U.S.?

It has deeply divided a nation of people, many who are now becoming disenchanted and even violent, which is creating an environment of fear.

A much different mindset than the one that established the mightiest nation in the history of the world.

Fear is not an environment to build anything. It’s an environment that promotes protecting and keeping what you have.

This usually leads to the values that accomplished great things to slowly leak out of the holes that develop from a lack of integrity.

It’s dirty business to be at the top of a crazy world, and stay on top.

What goes up, must come down… And it will be replaced by a greater nation of people that rises to power.

History has proven this to be the sequence of events.

The one thing people in power possess is control of the media

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Most people still do not realize the scope, or understand the impact the social web will have on the future of the world.

The social web could be that next superpower, because it has access to nearly every mind on the planet.  

You have an opportunity to not only contribute to shaping new media, which is precisely what social media professionals are doing everyday – but you have an opportunity to participate in shaping a media that has the power to influence the future of the world.

Win the hearts and minds of the people, and you can build a global  army that has influence.

Social media professionals are shaping much more than just the future of marketing, branding, and sales – they have an opportunity to shape the mindset of the world through their work.

Every piece of content that you create and share causes ripples throughout your sphere of influence on the social web.

The better you get, the more opportunities you’ll have to build businesses that solve real problems and provide real value.

Your social business can change the world 

I often write about changing the world, or least use the term a lot – and the reason for that is it’s changing all around us everyday. I want to be a part of the action!!!

Circumstances out of our control put us in this position for a reason…

The shift feels like we are going backwards, when in fact it is creating the springboard that will elevate human kind to a higher level of understanding, knowledge and capability.

Shifts in society creates opportunity – usually very big ones.

There is power in connected minds that are going in the same direction.

This is the opportunity your social business has right now!

Do you believe you can change the world?

If not, this might help you understand how and why you can:

How to change the world: John Paul Flintoff at TEDxAthens 2012

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