How to Effectively Build Your Business on the Social Web

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[54/365] Designing for the Social Web
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What works and what doesn’t on the social web?

The process of marketing and selling a product or service is the only way to profit from your social media efforts…

The most effective way to accomplish this is by building and leveraging relationships.

You can do this with a blog and participating on social networks that contain large numbers of people who are your target market.

How do you go about building and leveraging relationships with social media?

Nobody likes to be sold. Stop selling and start educating and building relationships with your audience.

Credibility and confidence are what motivates a consumer to break open their wallet and pay you to solve their problems.

If you prove yourself by solving small problems with the content you serve up, you’ll gain the ability to solve bigger problems for a fee – because you’ve earned it.

Customers will go out of their way to share proven resources they discover with their family, friends and their social networks.

Look at me, see how cool I am?

The social web is full of mad marketers! It’s all about numbers and look at me and see how cool I am. It’s not about the customer.

Focus on the customer with your marketing efforts, not gaining popularity.

Those who do such things are big on self promotion and short on delivering real value.

You need to focus on your audience and your potential customer when establishing your social media presence to separate yourself from the all the noise and me too’s out there.

Educated buyers are by far the best customers to deal with

They know precisely what they are looking for and have a pretty good idea what the going rate is in the marketplace.

So how do you effectively reach these customers?

Those who can't hear on the social web must be made to feel.
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With all the noise out there on the social web, it’s hard to hear. Those who cannot hear must be made to feel.

You can only move people with your work by wrapping it in unique packaging: YOU!

The words your write, they way you speak, the way you teach, your overall view, attitude and outlook on life…

Your personality is what people are attracted to.

Very seldom will a customer spend money with someone they don’t like, unless it happens to be with the idiot gas station owner around the corner from the house because the next closest is 20 miles away!

A bit extreme, but you get my point.

If a customer likes you, they will always want to buy from you. They may go to the store you work at and if you’re not there, they’ll come back to buy when you are.

A lot of customers are loyal like that: Hint; these are the customers you want…

Building Your Business for the Now Economy

This is where most consumer sales will come from in the future.

If  you build your business in this manner, you can build a foundation for you to accomplish your life’s work.

The biggest difference with this mindset is it’s not about how much money you can make and how fast; it’s about delivering all of the awesomeness you’ve been envisioning the better part of your life, for the rest of your life.

That’s the mindset that the most successful brands and companies on the planet were built on.

Build it on passion and they will come

To me, passion is knowing your business inside and out like no other human on the planet.That’s passion in action.

If you live and breathe your product or service, people will buy it (you)!

This is all that really matters because buyers are getting more educated everyday.They are going to buy from people they like and trust.

The only question you have to ask yourself is, “Are you the best option the marketplace has to invest their hard earned money?”

If you’re unsure how to answer this question, come back when you’re absolutely sure it’s a YES!

If you don’t build your business on substance, it’s sure to come crashing down.

What strategies or tactics have you found effective when establishing your social media footprint?

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