Entrepreneur Journey and Changing Direction


Changing Directions - Entreprepreneur Journey
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Changing Direction

I’m sure you’ve probably noticed some changes around here.

I’ve decided to spread my wings and dive into the online business world.

I’ve never built a business that derived 100% of its revenue from the web.

I’ve always been old school in business; offices, employees, boardrooms and everything else that comes with establishing and running a business in the real world.

The Virtual Marketplace

Monetizing and building a business is a completely different way to look at blogging and social media.

I haven’t measured anything or tried to build an email list before, which are pretty important activities if you’re building a business online.

I’ve always just focused on connecting with super smart people and building relationships with them.

It’s been a great experience and now I’m ready to add to the excitement!

A Brave New World

It’s a whole new world for me and I’ve learned a ton just over the last couple of weeks.

I’ve obviously learned some things just being a part of the community over the last few years, but learning by doing is an altogether different story!

So please bear with me through the changes and I’ll be updating and sharing my progress and new discoveries with you along the way.

If you have advice, tips, or insights to share with me, please hit reply – I welcome it and would be very thankful as well.

If there are certain topics you would like me to cover that relate to business or social media, please let me know and I’ll serve it right up :)

Having said that, here’s what’s new on the social web…

Have you verified your Pinterest account yet?

Honestly, I don’t participate much here. But I do have a presence and I’ve been collecting photos and infographics related to all things business, marketing and the social web.

It is a relevant social platform for sure, one I intend to explore more in the near future.

In the meantime, Jeff Bullas wrote an article on how to verify your Pinterest page and the reasons why you should right now.

Verifying Your Pinterest Account
Jeff Bullas, Social Media Mad Scientist

How To Verify Your Pinterest Account and Why You Should!

In a move that shows it means business, Pinterest’s new feature now lets other pinners learn more about the people and businesses they’re following.

In short, verification will let you display your full website URL on your Pinterest profile. Users will also see a red checkmark next to your domain in search results and on your profile.

Go HERE to get details on verifying your Pinterest Page NOW!

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