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Doing Work that Matters on the Social WebPhoto credit: hyfumc 

Everyday you dig deep to write words that will inspire, motivate and enlighten your readers.

I don’t care what anybody says, this is anything but easy.

We invest the very best parts of ourselves emotionally, physically and spiritually into the work we produce serving others, hoping to connect with people to learn, grow, share and build productive lives and successful businesses upon.

You might as well change the world while you’re at it :)

Weather you’re building relationships or the next hot startup, much of this activity is happening by and between people who’ve met as a result of social media.

The Global Brain Trust

There’s a global brain trust developing online with the most capable business minds on the planet.

This brain trust possess a progressive vision and take massive action to make things happen.

Our world will not be the same in the next 1, 2, or 3 years because smart, progressive minds do not stand still. They’re constantly creating.

They’re shaping the future reality for the rest of the global population.

Developing an Influential Voice

If you ever had a desire to have a voice that has impact in the world, the means to get it done has arrived.

Armed with a blog (your message, vision), social channels that reaches the world with one click, tweet, like, or follow – and a burning desire boiling within, you can accomplish anything your heart desires if you’re willing to invest yourself into the work you do online.

The reason the web is littered with mediocrity is because folks are afraid of being accepted or liked. It causes them to believe they need to be more than what they are…

They lose their natural attraction by being something they are not and the confidence to simply be.

The natural BS sensor built in to humanoids can sense this a mile away.

Here are some ‘be attitudes’ to avoid falling in this trap:

  • Be vulnerable
  • Be real
  • Be trustworthy
  • Be helpful
  • Be encouraging
  • Be thoughtful
  • Be the very best you can be
  • Are You Willing to Take Risks?

    1 or 2 out of every 10 young inspired, ambitious entrepreneurs will see their vision through to completion.

    Those who do make it to the top of the food chain eat nails for breakfast and accept nothing less than success. Yes, your diet and resolve must work together to create Awesome!

    In other words, death would be better for you, than not seeing your vision through to fruition. These are who make their dreams a reality.

    There are very few champions out there in the grand scope of things; are you one of them?

    If you hesitate to answer this question with a resounding ‘yes’, you will fail to achieve your mission.

    Quit now and save yourself some pain. I’m just being honest. It’s much easier to just blend in with the crowd and keep your head buried in the sand.

    Great bodies of work and accomplishment are for those folks who are foolish enough to believe in their dreams and possess the guts to pursue them everyday.

    If you’re looking for the safe way to do things, or less risky, or an easier path – you might find some level of success; but you certainly won’t have to worry about changing lives, or the world in which we live.

    Do Meaningful Work

    Big impact comes from those folks who have very little regard for their own life and a vision for things much bigger than themselves.

    Every great accomplishment in the history of the world started inside the mind of a human being.

    We all have the ability to empower our vision and dreams, but very few folks even consider it, or believe it, to tap into it.

    This where impossible things become possible and the unthinkable becomes a way of life for the rest of humanity.

    Cheers to doing work that matters!

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