Building Success on the Social Web One Relationship at a Time


Building Success on the Social Web One Relationship at a Time  image
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I took a snapshot of this conversation I was having with The JackB.

It struck me as ‘powerful’ at the time and it still does.

The magic of the social web is the heart to heart connections…

Everybody may not like you, but who cares?

You can only get here if you put the real you out there for anyone and everyone to either like or hate you.

Sorry to break it to you, but everybody is not your perfect audience and not everybody is going to like you.

It’s time to get naked and show people what you’ve got, what you’re made of, how you got where you’re at today, why people can trust you with their deepest inner thoughts and why they should open themselves up to you and give you the time of day.

Let people make their own decision whether to hang around or not by being something you are vs. something you’re not. It’s the only foundation that you can build something valuable upon.

If you approach social in this manner, the right people and the right audience will develop over time.

We are asking for each others time, aren’t we?

Don’t waste it on the wrong people.

Time is the most valuable commodity we have, regardless if you’re aware of it, respect it, or not.

What you’re asking people to do is invest a piece of their life in you, and that’s a lot to ask.

Always give your very best, it’s what you’ll be remembered for…

While I’m not 100% certain of everybody’s hopes, dreams and desires in the community, I’m most certain I’m surrounded by determined business owners, owners to be, writers, future book authors, soloperneurs, entrepreneurs and coaches, all looking to better their families future by providing value to the marketplace.

Some shit is going to happen here, that’s why I’m here… I’ve seen it, multiple times… And it means I can expect to see and be part of some more cool shit that’s going down in the neighborhood, because that what happens when people let down their guard down, start to act human on the social web and start building meaningful relationships.

It will also provide validation for you being here. ‘Your time’ is not only possible, but probable if you stay the course and strengthen your relationships.

Your overall experience and results on the social web will be a direct result of the relationships you established in the process.

Be careful, you just might start to care…

From here, you start to care and caring often translates to passion and when you put a community of smart, caring passionate people together all in one ‘thought space’ on the social web, something good is bound to happen.

Sometimes that’s all a fellow-entrepreneur needs to continue his/her quest to knock down walls, break down barriers to long fought for goals.

That little dose of inspiration and the ability to share in each others small victories – can be like taking a shot of adrenaline and bring everything back into proper perspective…

Be grateful, be thankful, be gracious, be humble… AND WIN!

All of the businesses you see around you, those who are absolutely killing it on the social web are all friends. Hint: Close Friends.

If you’re going to be successful in blogging, you’re going to need to come out from behind the avatar and start building genuine connections.

If you will do that and start reaching out to people who you find interesting and would like to get to know better, your blogging results will take a serious turn for the better.

There’s something about investing yourself fully into the exercise. People are either going to feel you, or not.

If you let it all hang out with the work you do online, it’s sure come back to you in spades.

What you do with your friendships and connections is up to you; but regardless, you’ll be in a postion to move people, places and things when you need your friends the most.

Every valuable business you see born out of the social web era was built one relationship at a time.

There are no shortcuts to achieving this, it’s a lifetime commitment.

That’s what people give who are kicking social in the butt; their entire being, and nothing less.

That. Is. All.

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