Breaking Free from Mediocrity and Familiarity



I’m writing this post at the request of Marcus Sheridan, – Marcus felt a comment I left on this post had some value to offer the community and suggested that I use excerpts in a blog post. So, coming from someone I respect immensely, I’m doing what any good student would do and I’m following through with his suggestion.

Mediocrity and Familiarity

We are surrounded by mediocrity and familiarity. These surroundings are what ‘have’ and what ‘are’ shaping our life experience as we know it. These two things determine the quality of your life. As well, these conditions are so ingrained into our being that it’s very rare for individuals to ever break free of the mold that has shaped who we are.

Only a small percentage of folks see outside of that mold and get a glimpse of their true potential. These break free from the bonds of mediocrity and familiarity to experience life from an entirely different perspective — The driver’s seat.

Its one thing to react to everything around us in life; its quite another to establish the future before it arrives. The things you dream of can be your reality simply by taking action and making them happen. These visions are there for a reason. They provide a peek at what the future could hold if you act on them.

Every single thing you see around you was a vision in someone’s mind. The shopping center down the road, the skyscrapers downtown, the park and neighborhood your kids are growing up in… All of these were first born in the mind of an individual who put action behind their dream and made it a reality. You’re literally experiencing someone else’s dream!

Success Requires Losing Some to Gain Others

Becoming a self-made success story will sometimes require that we lose some friends along the way to gain others. Most of your friends won’t support your big dreams. While you’re beginning to see a much bigger picture that inspires you, your friends will want to hang out and do the same things they’ve always done. In most cases those things aren’t relative to the new course of success you’ve set out on. It’s these familiar relationships that keep your current reality in tact, and unless some of those familiar relationships change, it will be impossible for to change your life.

Even family members don’t really want you to change. They’ll call you crazy or a dreamer for desiring to be famous or ultra-successful and say “These things are just not in the cards for you.” Some pretty motivating stuff for someone who finally has a vision for their life, yes?

You will undoubtedly experience some of these situations with family and friends along the way. Just be prepared for it and don’t let anyone who doesn’t s support and celebrate your life or your dreams dictate what’s best for you. In order to live and experience awesome, you need to live a life that best serves your purpose in life. Only you can determine what that is.

Once you realize that, you need to surround yourself with people who have a mindset and conversation that can assist and support the vision you have for your life.

Overcoming Circumstances and Being Prepared For Success

Change is neither natural nor comfortable for the person being changed, or to those who love the person changing. Those you least expect will attempt to stop you from pursuing your dreams and changing your circumstances. And, once you do begin to have some success, your ‘good’ friends and even some of those family members will despise you for it and say things like “You think you’re better than us!” Really, this comes from friends and family.

To add to the challenges, building a successful life is not easy. There is so much to learn about life — and not the things you read about in books! Success is built on experience and many of the lessons you learn about business and life are HARD lessons. They’re difficult — they stretch you, emotionally challenge you, mentally exhaust you and bring you to your knees in some cases. Just remember this; every bit of it is necessary to prepare you for the success you dream of. The things you learn in this process are precisely what will get you to where you want to be.

Success comes to those who have been prepared emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Leave one of these out of the mix and success will be elusive to you. All of these are necessary for balance. Money doesn’t buy happiness. It doesn’t make you a loving husband or a patient loving parent. Lusting after money and more money is no way to live. I’ve known some of the most broken people who had loads of cash and were completely empty, unfulfilled and alone.

Becoming Part of the Bigger Picture

The uncomfortable part of life is being honest with your self. That isn’t an ability we’re born with, on the contrary, many are held hostage to a delusion that they’re OK and everybody else needs to get a clue about life. We dilute ourselves by believing the world revolves around us, when in reality we’re just a small part of a much bigger picture. The trick is to see that picture and discover where you fit in. You need to ask yourself “What are my strengths and gifts and how can I provide value to others most effectively?”

For some folks, that’s becoming a doctor or lawyer – for others it’s inventing things or developing technologies – and for others being a great parent or primary caregiver for the sick… the list goes on – What were you born to do?

Most people don’t ever consider this picture because dealing with life’s circumstances has left their dreams dormant. Life’s worries and fears have stolen their vision of who they are and where they’re going. They reach the conclusion they have to do things they hate to be responsible and do the right thing when in reality; they would be happier and excel in life by living their dreams.

We were born to fill a need, serve a purpose and be a productive participant of a community. One clue to identifying what that may be is to pay attention to your dreams. Providing value to the community is how we create value for ourselves and our families. Living our dreams is where we belong. Living life on our own terms and not someone else’s is natural. Anything less is unnatural. Is it a wonder that so many people are not happy with their life…

Fighting the Good Fight for the Common Good of All

Overcoming fear, doubt, and insecurities is a hard thing to do. This is a daily exercise for entrepreneurs. We’re constantly tempted with these thoughts. The only thing that keeps us going is a deep understanding that we can be better, we can do better, we can make a difference in the world and our best is yet to come.

When you have a vision for more than just yourself, the lives of others can be a great inspiration for staying the course and building a life of purpose and accomplishment.


These are things I’ve learned along the way. Everybody’s experience is different and valuable. Why? Because were not really all that different…

We share many of the same experiences, just in our own shape and flavor. Sharing these experiences with others can provide inspiration, answers, and direction to many who are seeking how to go about living their dreams or shut off the replaying nightmares.

My advice to everyone is to share ‘YOU’ with the world (community) liberally – you’ll help others grow as a result, however, most of all you’ll grow more, learn more, and become more effective and capable at contributing value to the community as a whole. This is the foundation an enriched and wealthy life can be built upon.

What steps have you taken or changes have you made to make your dreams a reality?

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