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I’ve been writing about being ‘moved’ lately, and how important it is to move people with your work. “Blogging Insights: Move People With Your Work”

I also wrote a post about people always remembering how you make them feel. “Blogging Insights: People Will Always Remember How You Made Them Feel”

I’m kinda’ on an ‘inspiration’ season in my life at the moment, so that’s what I’ve been writing about. It’s funny, I had to go through ALL of my old blog posts this weekend and add a signature to it so folks could connect with me if they were ‘moved to’ : )

I discovered that I’ve written about many things more than once :o

Maybe a little different flavor; but nonetheless, you could definitely tell the same person was driving the pen.

I’m not a super star blogger like so many of my friends have become; Danny Brown is a good example of this. He was one of my first connections on the social web a few years ago. I have not met him in person; but I love the guy. I would take a bullet for him. My feelings and our relationship are very real to me.

Here’s a blog post I wrote back on January, 2009 that was inspired by the infamous Mr. Brown; he’s been inspiring me for a while now…  “Learning Through Writing”

Thank you Danny, I apprecaite you sir!

I didn’t start a blog to make money. I still don’t. Actually I can’t honestly tell you why I did – as most of you know, I never fancied my self to be much of a writer.

But it has led to developing the most amazing relationships with amazing people all over the world and many business projects along the way; so I can’t say this activity has not been a profitable one.

More than anything else, it has made my life experience more fulfilled and satisfying.

I’m smarter because of it. More thankful. More appreciatvie. The bottom line, I’m a better human being for it.

It has also helped me gain credibility and trust on the social web. You just don’t know who’s behind the avatar that you’re communicating with; or if the picture shown is even a real picture of that person.

By consistently just being myself on the social web, taking risks on not being liked, looking stupid, naive, inexperienced, green, wet behind the ears (chuckle) – I’ve grown and matured as an individual and earned some trust in the blogoshere.

Don’t let fear hold you back from developing life changing relationships that are just one tweet, like, shout away… Not everybody is going to like you; but these don’t matter – the ones who do will fill up your whole being with hope, inspiration and love every soul needs and desires.

I read a blog post today by Michelle Ainslie and it inspired this post your reading now… I was moved!

I thought I would leave my comment to her post right here. I want you all to know more about me, why I’m here and what keeps me pecking away at these keys. It’s all about you; but with huge fringe benefits for me :)

Here ya go Michelle;

People move me. Their words move me. Their actions move me.

Peoples suffering moves me; to want to help ease the their pain.

Successful people move me; to know I can be a success at anything I put my mind to.

Winning moves me; to savor the thrill of victories in life.

Losing moves me; to celebrate the victory of others.

Hate moves me; to want to conqure it.

Love moves me; to want to shower others with it.

I’m moved by people… And therefore I owe my life to them; because without them, there would be no purpose for me being born.

Here is a link to her post: “Be Love Driven”

Go leave her a comment if you’re moved to : )

And please talk back to me in the comments below; I’m in need of some love today :o

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