Be Memorable – Dig Deep to Create Valuable Content for Your Blog



I left this comment over on @theunlockeddoor (Stuart Mills) post entitled "10 'Light Bulb' Moments I've Had With Blogging"

"The blogging experience is best if you’re doing it for the right reasons. If your focus is providing value, blogging will be a good experience for you. If you’re there to take value and don’t have much in the tank to give, you won’t build a sustainable successful personal brand – you’ll just be a flash in the pan if anything at all."

As usual, it sparked to some additional thoughts I jotted down below – I hope you like them :)

Blogging provides tremendous value to those who desire to learn, grow and discover who they are. This is accomplished by treating your blog as a platform to create and provide value to others.

One of the greatest privileges on earth is being able to provide for another in need. Money is not the most valuable thing that you can give to another — wise words, encouraging words, enlightening words, and words that are helpful and inspire people to do productive things are.

A timely word can make all the difference to someone who reads or hears them.

Maybe someone finally found the answers they've been looking for on a certain topic like;

Information on better eating habits and exercise programs that can change or save lives, or

Gaining business insights on marketing, PR, social media and any business topic that is relevant in today's business climate, or

Some folks are just hurting and in dark places and because of your blog and friendship, they didn't kill themselves.

There are many others and I don't mean to go too deep here, I just want you to believe what you're doing is important, because it can be. Be inspired to change the world with your blogging efforts. Set the bar high, reach for the stars and kick some butt man!

Make what you're doing meaningful… Let the people see and experience your passion. Put yourself out there like you never have before. Be brilliant. Be amazing.

People are starved for substantive content – content that matters. Regardless of what you believe, you have an abundance of this kind of content inside you that's just waiting to be unlocked and shared with the world.

You must dig deep for this kind, however it will make itself available to you if you're investing it into others lives. When your efforts are filling a need for others, the stars will line up and every resource you need to be effective will be made available to you.

Newsflash: there's a shortage of genuine caring loving people with a vision for others and not just themselves!

Become one of these if you want to stick out of the crowd and create a valuable piece of virtual real estate called a "blog."

Firstly, move yourself.

Secondly, move others.

Ultimately, change the world on subscriber at a time.

Is there any better way to go about building your blog?

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  • John Falchetto

    Mark, those who know you, are sure there isn’t a shortage of genuine caring loving people with a vision for others and not just themselves!

    As I told you the other evening, I am really glad you setup and although you think you are ‘playing around in SM’, you aren’t Mark.
    You are connecting with real people (well at least I think:) and bringing some real discussion and insights to them.

    You may not talk about Bacon like Mark or have a cool Avatar like Marcus but you have mastered the best way to build a blog. Be an A-lister in many blogger’s books and consistently bring value to all of us.

    Enjoy your weekend up north and looking fwd to our chat next week

    • Mark Harai

      John, I can see why you’re such a successful business coach. You know how to draw the best out in people. I’ve been nothing but inspired by you to improve and get better since we’ve met. That’s a great affect to have on people ya know??

      Cheers to you and your work John : )

  • Erica Allison

    Mark, you rock! I love this post and find incredible value in it. You are definitely creating awesome relationships, setting your bar high and I for one am enjoying watching the evolution. Keep doing what you’re doing; you’re inspiring me!

    • Mark Harai

      Erica, your comment means so much – thank you. I’m connected to people, like you, who are some of the most talented people on the web. You all make it look so easy!

      I’m just thankful for the community. I’m the beneficiary of so much value, I just want to be able to contribute something back. I’m committed to getting better.

      Isn’t that great – to be part of a community that motivates and inspires the best in people is so cool : )

      Thank you for your continued support Eric – see you soon : )

  • Jk Allen

    Mark – this was inspirational. In fact, before hitting that publish button on each post I question myself…”does this post represent value to my readers”. There have been times where I’ve decided not to publish because the value wasn’t present.

    I hope that my readership finds my content valuable, because it’s surely my drive. To serve value. That’s what I’m about.

    Now for you…why do you think I’m so attracted to this place? It’s not for the heck of it. Anytime I can go somewhere and feel better equipped for my mission – I’m all for it. And I always leave here feeling better equipped. And, not to mention that I think you’re a cool and smart guy.

    To answer your final questions…. NO THERE IS NO BETTER WAY TO GO ABOUT BUILDING A BLOG…not that I’m a ware of.

    Enjoy the weekend Mark!

    • Mark Harai

      Cheers Jk!

      It’s great to see you my man :)

      I really dig the inspirational words you share bro. I always come away motivated to get better each time I read your posts and replies.

      That’s a great question to ask before you hit the pubish button… I’m going to make sure I never forget that!

      I appreciate your continued support sir, I’m very thankful to be connected Jk.

    • Marcus Sheridan,The Sales Lion

      I’m going to second JK’s thoughts here Mark, found this post to be very, very inspirational. As I was reading, I kept thinking…..yes…yes…exactly.

      Some people think that blogging is frivolous.

      Those people, in my not so humble opinion, are idiots.

      Blogs, when done for the right reasons, change lives and families, pure and simple.

      Thanks for all you do bud.


      • Mark Harai

        I have to send a huge thank you out to you Marcus. You and the people I’ve met on on your blog are tremendous human beings. I feel like I’m part of the most relevant and effective community on the web.

        I think there’s been some great crossover relationships that have developed with both of our communities as well. I’m connected to some the very best resources the web has to offer and I’m just thankful for the opportunity to be connected to progress : )

        The one word I can muster to describe it is “Awesome!”

        Cheers Marcus, you’re an inspiration.

        “We can change the world”

  • riley Harrison

    A good blog and I might add your blog should never suffer from a quality perspective in order to meet a self imposed deadline. If necessary just post it at a later time.

    • Mark Harai

      Thanks for some good advice Riley – I appreciate it : )

  • Edwin

    Awesome! You always got to dig deep and pull out the best content in your inventory.

    • Mark Harai

      I hear ya Edwin – I like that… “dig deep!”

      Cheers to you, thanks for popping in.

  • Jacob Yount

    Great stuff and really encourages us to take a look into the mirror. Exhorting to set the bar high is great and bloggers who reach for that high mark will stand above the rest…in a world filled with noise. This was a timely reminder Mark, I needed that…thanks.

    • Mark Harai

      Thanks for this encouraging message Jacob. I’m inspired to be and do better : )

      It’s great to see you here – I am looking forward to seeing much more of you in 2011.

      And thank you for your support as well, it’s much appreciated – cheers : )

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the mention Mark, I’m happy for you that one thing led to another and it provided some more insight.

    I think, due to the fact that we don’t know what our readers are, blogging can be very uncertain. Our readers may not even be human!

    I’m joking, but the point is is that as you’ll be reading this, I could be at work, or I could be typing another comment, or I could be exercising, or I could be having some trouble. I could be doing anything at all.

    Our readers are normal people living normal lives. They have problems and worries and hopes and joys. They have to spend their time on certain things they don’t want to. But they come read what we post because they DO want to. They’re interested in what we have to say, and some of them will show themselves by commenting.

    These people are the people who we must help. We must help them become better people by sharing our wisdom, our knowledge with them. Not to have their best interests in mind would be unethical, and we’d be letting them down. They, in a way, depend on us, and we must return that dependency with our love, respect, and care :-)

    • Mark Harai

      Hey Stu – good to see you sir. The love, respect and care is the easy part. I’m finding through all of the wisdom I’ve gained over 45 years on the planet is I don’t know squat!

      I find many golden nuggets from you and others who care to share a piece of their mind here and it’s pretty darn cool.

      Like you, if my efforts are having a positive impact on my life and those who decide to share in the journey with me, what’s the point?

      The great thing about that is everyone can do better, so there’s always room for improvement. I don’t like to be static, I like to be progressing, learning and building something of value. Great people make that real easy and lots of fun : )

      Thanks so much for all you do Stu – cheers!

  • LingonLife

    Mark, I knew the first time I read a blog post of yours that I had found someone who gets it! You really resonate with me as a blogger and I hope to learn to be a better blogger myself through what I read on your site and the interactions I have with you. Thanks :-) Monica

    • Mark Harai

      What’s great Monica is we can inspire and help each other. All it takes is desire and surrounding yourself with good people to bring out the best in each of us. I’m really thankful to be connected to some really solid caring people who know how to get things done.

      Ah, I described you perfectly, didn’t I : )

      I’m truly thankful for your inspiring comment Monica – you make me want to be and do better. Thank you for your continued support.

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